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Willkomen. Bienvenue and ...welcome to this new and scary venture....My Dark Heart...

I invite you to take a look and hopefully enjoy the work I've produced over the past few years. There's a little taste below. 

I've arranged the work into collections on the menu line above (click on ''MORE'' to see all the collections), all work in these stores is for sale and commissions are very welcome. You'll also see a few images scattered around of pieces that I've created that haven't been put on sale or I've already sold, but if you'd like something similar, I'm open to working with you on that.


There's a fair amount of new work coming up quite soon, it'll be highlighted when it arrives on here and may be part of existing collections or the new ones I'm planning. 

The paintings are predominantly in oil unless specified, these are one off pieces (no prints). Each piece of glasswork will be tied to the design shown but every one will be produced by hand, making them original and unique pieces. I've also produced some of the imagery as prints if you'd prefer that...again, if you'd have an idea of something you'd like to see as a print we can work on that.

Postage, packing or delivery will be dependent on the size, type of piece. Overseas sales are welcome, please contact me via the email address with your details and we can work out a price.

As I said, this is a new venture, on occasion we may need to communicate over your shipping needs, which will help me going forwards. I will do my very best to provide the very best service I can...


A Murder of Crows...A Carnage of Jokers.._
Neon Angel-Headed Hipsters #1 (framed example)
la llarona (in glass)



I'm really pleased to be able to share with you that I have a painting in the Dirty Secrets exhibition at the Fronteer Gallery, Sheffield, from 10th February. The flyer's below with the full details, if you're in the area please have a look. 

I'll hopefully also be able to share the preview viewing on here, it's a first for me, so pretty big deal. I understand that the gallery will be publishing a record of the event as well, so please take a look at that too.

Dirty Secrets flyer

s’il vous plaît profiter!

If Love Is A Red Dress...#1 (2021)
If Love Is A Red Dress...#1 (2021)
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