Steve Ward

(all true - kind of)

I arrived in Hull, a 1970s child, literally born with a broken heart, I spent a lot of my childhood in hospital, I think I didn't actually go to school until I was 7 years old.

I learned to read and write in a hospital bed from comic books, I'd copy the panels and make up my own stories. Bit a lot of people who were holding syringes near me too. Got the ability to draw from my Dad, he started Art School in the 1950s, ditched it to join the Merchant Navy and sail the Seven Seas. By the time I went to college, at that age he was getting all rowdy in America.

He gave me books to read, and I read, and I read, and bought my own books when I could. Anything to feed my imagination and my dreams.

Got one school report as a kid, stating I was slipping a little, ''prefers to illustrate his stories, which are good, to doing the work with the rest of the class''. And that's how all this began, or it should be, right? Well, it didn't.

I blagged a spot at the John Moores in Liverpool, scraping a place on a Politics Degree, after messing up my 'A' levels.


I'd met a girl, she was more important at the time. 

And then I left.


That's how it all began. 


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spiders nightclub


Dirty Secrets - Fronteer Gallery, Sheffield February 2022